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eCN combines a Database of registered voters together with sophisticated Email marketing

Your constituents are commonly the heaviest users of the Internet.  The Internet is the only medium many constituents use to get their information, and staying in touch with them via the Internet is crucial.

eCampaign Networks (eCN) has built the most powerful online solution in politics by combining a national constituent database with state of the art technology to provide organizations with a total solution.

eCampaign Networks has a database of 35 million email addresses attached to registered constituents' profiles, which have been matched against 275 public databases and segmented by a wide range of criteria.

The more standard criteria applied in building your constituent profiles include:

      Email Address
      Party Affiliation
      Zip Code
      Marital Status

Regardless of the size of your organization, you now have an efficient, cost-effective, and targeted way of meeting all of your fundraising, cause-oriented, or campaign objectives. eCN has centralized its resources to create an online communications and fundraising solution that is easy-to-use and turnkey.

You simply can’t really “know” your constituents without establishing direct and steady communication with your constituents and, by doing so, gathering valuable information about their opinions and preferences.


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